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About Us




Since we started, we have been providing stellar services to new and seasoned musicians. Our entertainment company is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to guide our talents effectively as they navigate their way through the music industry. Partner with us!


Who we are….

Solo Enterprise Group is a very dependable entertainment company serving diverse artists and labels worldwide in the music industry while utilizing their affiliated branches such as Solo Entertainment Group, SEG Music Publishing, Solo Creators & SEG Music Distro Company.
Solo E Group is a North American base Entertainment Company. The main focus of their company is to maximize artist’s and label’s potential without having them loose sleep over the legal side of the music industry.

The company was form and found by Jose King Pena Jr and Mo King Martinez. The King’s Brothers has been a key factors within the industry’s legal market, administration and music engineering. The both of them possess decades of experience that places them back to the 90’s which they implement daily within their projects and with their teams.
Solo E Group overall responsibility is to project the artist’s music worldwide while collecting the royalties that belong to the artists they represent.

Veterans within the Dominican urban market like Sin Fin and Packer Luther King associated themselves with Solo Entertainment to structure their catalogs to the highest level. This is one of reasons why newer artists like Sin Fin, Ovni of Lo Correcto, Pretty Lyon, Jeison El Mono, Pla La Sustancia of UltraMega Mega Music, as well the legendary / entrepreneur producer MGP The Saw from Lapiz Music and many others have associated themselves with Solo Entertainment Group, making them an incomparable machinery of music distribution and publishing administration.

About Us

Solo Entertainment Group is North American base Company, stablished by Solo Enterprise Group in 2007. The main focus of the company is to maximize artist’s potential without having them loose sleep over the legal side of the music industry.


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