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About Us






Since we started, we have been providing stellar services to new and seasoned musicians. Our records label / entertainment company is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to guide our talents effectively as they navigate their way through the music industry.

Who we are….

Solo E Group is an American independent global music publishing, distribution and rights management company owned by the American consortium Solo E Group, LLC base in New York City and Pennsylvania, with worldwide (including the US) distribution through affiliates like Amuse, DistroKid, United Masters and Symphonic Distribution as well as our own affiliated branches RM Music Publishing, Solo Creators, Solo E Group Publishing and SEG Music Distro. The company was founded in 2007 by a group of American creators; Mauricio A Martinez (El Black Haze / M2), Jose Henry Pena (Jose King Pena Jr / Kanos / Gottadatta), Caro Guzman and officially formed, incorporated to operated worldwide under the name Solo E Group LLC on June 25, 2021, by our very own CEO Rita C Beltran.

Our company acts primarily as an independent record label support, administrative publishing and distribution company, not owning any copyrights. Also offering label support and services as well as neighboring rights, the company gives its client’s clarity by attributing them with access to their royalty income, analytics and self rights management directly like participating in advertisement, brand partnerships as well as promotions that can help them earn money as well as new fans with an effort to help them maximize their full potential worldwide without having them lose sleep over the legal side of the music industry.

We’ve been responsible for the catalog development, distribution and publishing administration of a number of top and upcoming acts such as El Alfa, El Cherry Scom, CJ for the Billboard Debuted song “La Mama De La Mama” (96,360,140 Spotify plays) and Anitta, Wisin, Busta Rhymens for song “La Mama De La Mama – Remix” as well as the Latin Merengue legend’s Alex Bueno for son “Mal De Amor” and El Jeffrey, for song “Palabritas” off the album “Mi Tierra” (1,500,661 Spotify plays).

A few of the above-mentioned reasons is why, veterans within the Dominican urban market like Sin Fin and Packer Luther King associated themselves with Solo E Group to structure their catalogs to the highest level. Also, as to why newer artists like Faqundo Gonzalez, Ovni of  Lo Correcto, El Cherry Scom, Pretty Lyon, Jeison El Mono, Pla La Sustancia of  Ultra Mega Music, as well the legendary / entrepreneur producer Mgp The Saw from Lapiz Music Group , Roxxie “La Buena Loca” Molina and many others have associated themselves with Solo E Group, making them an incomparable machinery of music distribution and publishing administration.

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About Us

SOLO E GROUP is a global music company, owned by the American consortium SOLO E GROUP, LLC. The main focus of the company is to maximize artist’s/client’s potential worldwide and collect royalties on their behalf without having them lose sleep over the legal side of the music industry.

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