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Jeancarlos Tolentino (born November, 1993), in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, professionally known as “El Ranger 7lotus”. El Ranger grew up in a musical environment through the talents of his father Cesar Manuel Tolentino, a renowned Merengue musician from the 80s better known for all his accolades including composers and musical arranger.
El Ranger’s father has massively served as a role model and inspiration to his upcoming career. At a very early age, El Ranger 7lotus was able to play guitar at the hands of his father’s teachings. Playing a vast amount of different genres, which helped him assimilate the complexity and essence of the musical world.

At the age of 14, El Ranger moves from Dom. Republic to Lawrence, Massachusetts in pursuit of new beginnings. In high school, “El Ranger” (Self-given name once he saw his uniform on a picture from his R.O.T.C. Program) meets Robert Soriano aka Fritura and Juan Emil Cruz aka Bélico Boss, who were also initiating their own musical careers. They both coincided on motivating Jean Carlos to fully dedicate his melodious talent into the urban music field.

In 2014 El Ranger meets a known neighborhood artist named Alma Dura who had a compact recording studio. Here’s where he starts recording his first musical ideas. Alma Dura also introduced El Ranger to a lot of producers, among those, Menolfy Rosario who to this day still works with him on a regular basis.

As his musical career began gaining its wings, Manuel Smith, a known and well respected gentleman from the city of Los Frailes, Dominican Republic who was currently residing in Madrid, Spain and knows El Ranger since he was a kid, reaches out to him. Manuel offers to be his manager and advisor on his musical endeavors, to which El Ranger accepted.

Nowadays, El Ranger has managed to compile a strong production team and a dedicated, trusted manager to launch his musical career to its furthest point and conquer his dream of becoming a household name.



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